Sharee Silerio2

Sharee is a versatile writer, editor, film and television producer who specializes in feature stories, cultural critiques and script writing.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communications along with a film studies certificate from St. Louis University and a master’s degree in media communications from Webster University.

Sharee has created over a hundred articles for the web, written dozens of press releases, published articles in magazines, and developed IT communications. Topics she has covered include spirituality, culture, politics, media literacy, film, television, social justice, travel, the arts, education and more.

In addition to writing, Sharee is a business and media consultant for SistaKeeper, a nonprofit organization focused on empowering girls and women to love and define themselves while developing their mind, body and spirit.

Through communications such as essays, films, poems and articles, Sharee aims to craft quality stories that inform, provoke thought and inspire. She is also passionate about creating objective, honest pieces that reveal the root of issues or the heart of the story. Overall, she views life as a journey through which we experience, learn and then teach many lessons.