Sharee Silerio2

I’m a writer, director, film/television producer, and blogger on a mission to use my life experiences to empower women to seek mental, spiritual and emotional wholeness while inspiring them to love themselves unconditionally.

I remember that one day, as a child, I sat on my parents’ bed, looking out of their backyard-facing window with the sun beaming in my eyes. It was a beautiful day, but one that also shed light on my inner sorrows.

Staring at the bright, blinding, yellow rays, I was praying, asking God to make my skin lighter. I grew up in a neighborhood where very few, if any, people looked like me, so I often felt out of place. My feelings became even more intense after a classmate told me, “you’re ugly because you’re black.”

A quiet child, I held a lot in, so writing and watching movies, music videos and TV shows became my refuge. Expressing myself through poetry; recording myself lip syncing, dancing to music, and reciting monologues on the family camcorder; and directing films allowed me to be and see myself.

In college, my passions for writing and movies merged when I enrolled in film studies courses and wrote my first screenplay.

With each project I touch, I aim to enlighten, provoke thought, explore the meaning of love and eliminate stereotypes of the Black community. Through intimate, vivid, authentic and experiential storytelling, I hope to uncover the beauty within Black women and girls from all walks of life. My dream is to build a legacy of crafting unique, diverse stories that present powerful perspectives on life.

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications and a film studies certificate from St. Louis University, as well as a master’s degree in media communications from Webster University.